10 Reasons NOT to Circumcise

The “circumcision decision” is really no decision at all. Circumcision is a painful and risky surgery that deprives over a million boys each year of healthy, functional tissue, while wasting health care dollars that could be spent on medically necessary services. Read these “Ten reasons NOT to circumcise your baby” courtesy of Intact America, and learn why you should keep your newborn son intact.

10 Reasons NOT to Circumcise Your Baby Boy

1. Because there is no medical reason for “routine” circumcision of baby boys. No professional medical association in the United States or the rest of the world recommends routine neonatal circumcision. The American Medical Association calls it “non-therapeutic.” At no time in its 75 years has the American Academy of Pediatrics ever recommended infant circumcision.

2. Because the foreskin is not a birth defect. The foreskin is a normal, sensitive, functional part of the body. In infant boys, the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis (glans) and protects it from urine, feces, and irritation; it also protects the urinary opening, keeping contaminants from entering the sterile urinary tract. Throughout life, the foreskin keeps the glans moist and protects it from injury. The foreskin also has an important role in sexual pleasure, due to its specialized, erogenous nerve endings and its natural gliding and lubricating functions.

3. Because you wouldn’t circumcise your baby girl. In the United States, girls of all ages are protected by federal and state laws from genital surgery to which they do not consent, whether practiced in medical or non-medical settings, and regardless of the religious or cultural preferences of their parents. There is no ethical rationale for distinguishing between female and male genital alteration. If it is wrong to remove part of a baby girl’s healthy genitals, then it is wrong to do the same to those of a baby boy.

4. Because your baby does not want to be circumcised. Circumcision painfully and permanently alters a baby boy’s genitals, removing healthy, protective, functional tissue from the penis and exposing the child to unnecessary pain and medical risks – all for no medical benefit. What do you think your baby boy would say if he could tell you? Of course, no baby boy can consent for himself, and parents cannot ethically consent to surgery on behalf of a child unless the child’s health or life is at risk.

5. Because removing part of a baby’s penis is painful, risky and harmful. Babies are sensitive to pain, just like older children and adults. Many circumcisions in the United States are performed with no pain control at all. But even when pain control is employed, the analgesics used for circumcision can only decrease pain; they do not eliminate it. As with any surgery, complications – even including death – can and do occur with circumcision. Infection and abnormal bleeding are the most common complications. Other complications include removal of too much skin, loss of part or all of the penis, life-threatening infection, and urinary problems. All circumcisions result in the loss of the foreskin and its functions, and leave a penile scar.

6. Because times and attitudes have changed. The circumcision rate in the United States is now below 40% (and much lower in some parts of the country), down from 81% in 1981. More than 60% of all baby boys in the U.S. leave the hospital intact, as more and more parents realize that circumcision is unnecessary and wrong.

7. Because most medically advanced nations do not circumcise baby boys. People in Europe, Asia and Latin America are often appalled to hear that American doctors and hospitals routinely remove part of a boy’s penis shortly after birth. Approximately 75% of the men in the world are not circumcised and remain intact throughout their lives.

8. Because caring for and cleaning the foreskin is easy. A natural, intact penis requires no special care. Gently wash the genital area with warm water while bathing. That’s it. Later, when the foreskin can be retracted (something that often does not occur until adolescence), a boy can be taught to pull back his foreskin to wash his penis. The boy should be the first person to retract his foreskin, since forcible retraction by anyone else results in pain and injury.

9. Because circumcision does not prevent HIV or other diseases. Despite common misinformation, studies show no conclusive link between circumcision and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention. Over the years, the claims that circumcision prevents various diseases have repeatedly been proven to be exaggerated or outright fabrications. Most men in the United States are circumcised, but our STD rates are as high as or higher than those in countries where circumcision is rare; it is obvious that circumcision does not protect against STDs.

10. Because children should be protected from permanent bodily alteration inflicted on them without their consent in the name of culture, religion, profit, or parental preference. Under accepted bioethical principles, parents can consent to surgery on behalf of a child only if it is necessary to protect that child’s life or health. “Routine” circumcision fails this simple ethics test because it painfully and permanently removes a normal and healthy part of a boy’s penis, does not protect the child’s life or health, and in fact creates new risks. Medically unnecessary surgery to alter a baby’s penis is no more justified than removing a finger or any other healthy body part.

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    • I was not circumcised when I was born (1970 s) but to be fair there wasn’t a lot of ifserkon to cut so it was deemed unnecessary. My wife and I did all the research and had a lot of discussions with several doctors and friends and opted to NOT circumcise our first-born son 13 years ago. Less than 18 months later we regretted that decision. We followed all the advice and tried to make sure that the ifserkon did not grow shut and we weren’t even worried since the opening was actually quite large. We kept it clean and bathed him daily. However, over time, no matter how much we tried, the opening got smaller and smaller and almost grew shut. We had no choice but to get a circumcision. The pain my son was in was such that for over a week every diaper change and every cuddle caused pain and discomfort for him. The frustration and trauma for him and us was considerable. The urologist told us, off the record, that circumcision was under attack by the public and he was very frustrated because most of his time was spent on infections from teenagers and old men who did not keep their penis clean around the ifserkon. He said he used to also agree that it wasn’t necessary but over time changed his mind because the benefits far outweighed the risk to a newborn compared to a grown teenager or man. 2 years ago we had our second boy. Before he was born we opted to inform the doctor that yes, we would circumcise. The procedure was quick and the pain (if any) was quickly forgotten before the hour was passed. He’s never had a problem or infection. I understand how much this is a personal choice for some but having been on the wrong side of a decision and seeing how it affects an older child I really must say that to circumcise is it err on the side of caution. Having said that, there’s always a risk during these procedures and it would really have been a nightmare for us if our youngest had had a problem. Like all decisions, nothing is ever easy. We’ve never looked back at our decision and we advise couples who ask us what our opinion is that we would circumcise. Some do, some don’t, but it seems that for those that don’t we always hear about a child that had the same problem as our oldest boy. That experience is something I would not wish upon anyone. This is an excellent blog post and I thank you for open forum.

      • Dear me, how sad it is that you managed to locate an incompetent urologist. Because your facebook link is broken, I cannot see from which country you post, but let me guess – America? I’m sure he told you his personal opinion “off the record”, because he really doesn’t want his peers realising just how incompetent he is!
        In countries with a better healthcare system, you could have gone to a General Practitioner with more experience, who likely would have known that in children at least, virtually all of these foreskin “infections” result from the introduction of soap or worse, detergent such as “Bubble bath” under the foreskin. Those who have children with eczema, or have it themselves, know only too well what a problem soap is to the skin, but when it happens to the foreskin, the connection all to often fails to be made, even by otherwise competent doctors. Even worse has in the past been (and continues to be) the unbelievably foolish advice to pull back the foreskin of infants to “clean” the area, thus actually introducing the very agents which cause urinary tract infection and which have been distributed (need I explain how) in the bathwater.
        You do not treat these problems, either pro-actively or retro-actively, by removing the foreskin; you remove the cause and the problem is gone.
        As to the elderly, while the same applies, the sudden onset of foreskin “infections” which generally tun out to be Candida (“Thrush”), is pathognomonic of the presence of diabetes, and should trigger full investigation along that line of enquiry. It certainly may be the case that if the sufferer cannot implement the necessary weight loss to correct the condition, circumcision may be appropriate as a “last resort”. Since most of these men will be impotent as a consequence of the diabetes, sexual function will not be a concern.
        Sad it is that you have been fooled, that you are so unobservant as to comprehend the value of your own foreskin and your unlucky son permanently injured in consequence, far sadder that anyone else might be swayed by your faulty “advice”.

        • People speaking in favor of traumatically injuring and altering a child for life in the intererst of disease prevention, looking like his dad, cleanliness or any other reason are nuttier than fruitcakes and chemically mentally castrated, if thats possible. A majority of the world must agree since this punishment on baby males isn’t poplular in normal cultures where they are not afraid of male heterosexuality, and thank heavens none of the mammals have taken leave of their senses. A darn cat would not even let somebody remove its babys genital skin.
          . No animals are considered too dumb to keep their penis clean, unless they are babies born in the US?
          And who wants their childs penis to be reduced to look like his father? In that case, why not enlarge a female child so she looks more like her mother and keep her cleaner, because it’s as illogical to reduce and cut away male baby skin as it is to enlarge and cut away female genital skin. it’s all absurd abnormal and an attack on societal health and well being.
          . Women’s opinions on this RAW controversial assault with a deadly weapon (probably made in china, india, turkey, or south africa) subject are almost silenced because so many were duped into agreeing to it and now realize they are victims also, regret it because they find out it changes the child and reduces him mentally and sexually forever. I can tell by the way a man talks and moves that he has been circumcised, because of the residual trauma time can’t heal. . If the exact same punishment was inflicted on the very people who do the circumcisions right before they do it to the babies this assault on healthy infants would be stopped immediately.
          It is unethical, immoral, cruel and admitted torture
          for masterbation on an infant too young for anesthesia but old enough for traumatic snipping, that only small percentage of people will allow inflicted on infants worldwide, yet it is rampant in the US, where I once thought people were reasonably intelligent. But if it is ok and legal to remove healthy skiin from a babys penis while he is awake , then cruelty is not a problem for people in the US . The US is taking itself out starting with babies, because it is socially destructive and irreparable.

          • People have had foreskin for thdasunos of years with little to no trouble at all, and your scenario doesn’t allow for the fact that some men when older may not even WANT to have the procedure done, especially if they’re not having any problems. If it ain’t broke,don’t fix it , which applies to this situation in many forms.

            • Couldn’t one argue that the foreskin is a flap of skin that seervs no purpose too?Also does this mean the anti-circumcision group supports men getting circumcised or is it still generally looked down on as a bad thing? Someone on twitter was saying how no one under any circumstance should be circumcised because it’s harmful, a symbol of death and separates you from God.I’m not trying to be argumentative in my questions. Just sincerely curious. In general, do you find that this movement/activist group have pretty much the same views on all of these things or are there people with varying ideas who support the cause but at different degrees?Thanks for helping me understand this. I find it very fascinating. I don’t have children of my own yet, but I want to know and understand all about this before I make willy nilly decisions.

      • Great clip! Easy and simple but efctiefvely explains its purpose!We chose not to circumcise Sam for lots of reasons but mainly our friends had a baby boy about 8 weeks prior to Sam and they showed us his circumcision after about a week and it just looked so painful that I didn’t want to inflict that on Sam also our nephew was circumcised at 2 for medical issues and still remembers the operation today at 15.. so there basically our reasons :)

        • And the sad thing is – the “medical reasons” that were given for circumcising your nephew at the age of two were sheer bunkum! Noting that he is now 15, the cause of his problems was likely either that he was being bathed in dishwashing detergent (marketed under the description of “bubble bath”) which – as detergent is intended to do – penetrates into all the nooks and crannies and causes irritation, or that someone had told his parents that they needed to pull back his foreskin (generally not possible and certainly not advisable) and “clean” under it.
          But according to the enthusiasts, circumcision just isn’t painful for a baby.

          • Not Prioritizing The Health Of Boys Oh please! Foreskin is not a helath issue’. It’s not a birth defect. It’s a perfectly normal, natural part of the male anatomy and, barring immediate medical need (which is actually quite *rare*), there is no logical, moral, or ethical reason for removing it from the body of a non-consenting human being.

      • My husband was cscrumciied six months after we got married due to my yeast infections. I had never had yeast infections or any other problems until we got married. My Ob/Gyn recommended that he be checked and get cscrumciied. I also experienced a couple of bad pap smears which showed cervical dysplasia which is a condition in which the cells of the inner lining of the cervix have precancerous changes before my husband was cscrumciied. After his circumcision have not experienced any other problems and he was cscrumciied 25 years ago.Before my husband was cscrumciied, he had an excessive amount of foreskin which resulted in some problems for us. During sex, there was so much foreskin that glans stayed covered, creating frustration and not much feeling for me. This situation had a negative impact on our sexual relationship.Since my husband has been cscrumciied his penis is cleaner, and is more aesthetically pleasing. The glans on his penis is permanently externalized and exposed the appearance of the skin looks better, and I find the penis more attractive. I feel increased internal stimulation, the entire glans and, particularly the rim during intercourse. I am also able to feel the full length of his penile thrusts without loose foreskin impeding my pleasure. His circumcision ultimately gives me more sexual pleasure and helps me to achieve orgasm more easily. This procedure has definitely improved our sexual experience. In my opinion, the circumcision has been a vast improvement in every way.I love my husband’s cscrumciied penis and think that all males should be cscrumciied at birth. Based on my experience I feel women should be the strongest advocates for universal male circumcision.

        • Sitti- That may be the case for YOU that you are more attracted to it. Have you ever asked YOUR HUSBAND how he feels during sex? Did you know that 100-200 baby boys DIE from this unnecessary surgery. It does NOT prevent yeast infections and does NOT cause UTI’s and cervical cancer. You need to do some serious research before saying that all little boys need to have the most sensitive part of their penis ripped apart!!! Just because YOU convinced your husband there was something wrong with him, does not mean there was ever anything wrong with him. There is NO such thing as a too long of a foreskin. If you ever knew anything about the anatomy of a male, you would know that the foreskin makes up half the skin of the penis and when erect, does not cover the glands of the penis. It creates a gliding motion instead of having the feeling of being poked with a broom stick. My husband is circumcised. But we are working on restoring because it hurts to have sex. Our sex life is greatly improving with having just a small amount of skin back. I can’t wait until he is fully restored. No child should have to have that choice taken away from him and your husband was stupid for allowing you to convince him something was wrong with him. There is a difference between a grown man consenting and a child being strapped down and having this cosmetic surgery forced on them!!!!

        • And I’m totally with you! If my son, at a much older, martue age, tells me he wants a circumcision, then we will pay for it. And he will be able to communicate with his doctors and anesthesiologist to make sure he doesn’t feel the surgery. No matter what, we’ll explain our reasons to him when he’s older. I hope he appreciates our decision! And if not, he can undo it.But if we went ahead and circed him as a baby, it would be much harder for him to undo, you know?

          • The general amrugent is that permanent body modification on a non-consenting minor violates human rights. There is certainly a big difference between earlobes, which ARE flaps of skin w/no purpose, and amputating erogenous tissue of a baby without immediate medical need. Ear piercing can also be reversed, circumcision is permanent. However, I’m probably never going to be convicted about ear piercing of babies to the degree that I rant regularly about it, but I don’t think piercing, tattoos, genital mutilation is something anyone has a right to force on a child.

        • I fear that this posting is a “troll” and really should not attract further attention. It contains many of the “standard” circumcision fetish “troll” elements:

          Consistent spelling errors (“cscrumciied” – not in the lexicon of any spelling checker).

          Same text, word for word and error for error, posted to seven other blogs on three other sites.

          Refers to “increased internal stimulation” – mythical concept exclusive to circumcision fetish sites such as – notably – circlist.com.

          Asserts that Pap smear abnormalities are related to intact foreskin. Popular, but scientifically erroneous concept hawked by zealot Professor Brian J. Morris (yes, he is a professor, but not of actual clinical medicine.)

  1. Thank you so much for passing along IA’s list of 10 reasons to keep our babies happy, healthy, and whole – just as they came into this world. We need more people speaking up, and your site is a beautiful place to add to the voice on behalf of little ones everywhere.

    • My son and I were both circumcised. It has yalaws been with me, and I suspect it will be with him, a non-issue especially in these days of either/or I’ve observed through ten years of hands-on, stay-at-home-dad-style parenting, the accreting emergence of increasingly suspect folklore surrounding childbirth. It started (for me, anyway) with La Leche League at Lamaze classes, with their skewed statistics and judgmentality (Most of the world nurses their children until puberty! Americans are negligent!) Then came the return of midwifery and the Doula thing and all that Which is fine and benign, as far as I’m concerned To be clear, I’m all for breastfeeding and I understand that technology has moved beyond necessity into the realm of oppression in some cases I didn’t much care for the clinical aspects of my childrens’ births (Cold and steely, with too much electronics ) And I like the idea of ritual and dialing back on the gizmos and florescent lighting But I sometimes wonder if the backlash hasn’t become a tad overwrought New musts, mustn’ts & cause ce9le8bres seem to pop up more and more, and many of them are starting to display the earmarks of internet superstition and champions keep poppong up for this and that, vying for supremacy with regard ending practices that seem to have endured for an awfully long time without much ado As my Bulgarian mother-in-law used to say: Everybody you see on the street got here, more or less, the same way. (And believe me, they’re downright rustic in the Balkans.)Andrew Sullivan can be especially hyperbolic about circumcision (or, male genital mutilation as he puts it ) This seems to be born more of an inclination to talk about penises than a overriding concern for the well-being of newborns which is not to suggest indifference with regard to the latter, just sayin’. I’m sure you and your boy’ll be fine either way. Good luck and warm congrats You’re gonna love this

      • And there’s the problem – it is a non-issue when you can successfully convince yourself that it doesn’t matter, because you conveniently don’t remember when it happened to you, so you conveniently have nothing to compare against, when you have made sure your son cannot demonstrate what it would be like to have a foreskin so it cannot cause you to have to face the subject of being mutilated – because that’s exactly what it really is.
        Of course, it must still be nagging since you still clearly need to defend your state of denial. Quite interesting how you do it (and you are not the first one), by calling the concept of genital integrity and human rights a “superstition” or “populism” and associating (straw man) it with the more excessive exhibitions of resistance to “factory” medical care.
        Of course you and your son are not in fact going to be “fine either way” but I understand how embarrassing it is to be impotent – unable to change what has already happened. Just a pity that you were so determined as the abused, to pass on the abuse, “the same way” as your peers “on the street”, lemming-like so you can feel better about it.

        • The ever controversial topic of ciriimccsuon, so many people aren’t game enough to touch, so I appluad you for doign so J :) Our son was circumcised, there were several reasons why, the major reason being that we were concerned our son would suffer the same fate as seevral other male members of our family in that health problems would occur later on down the track, foreskin retraction being out biggest concern with my brother having had this issue as a child.The second was personal reasons, my husband was done as an infant, so his input was a huge factor in the decision we made, we’re not religious in any way shape of form, but for the males on both sides of the family it was and is considered “the norm” as back in the 80′s the rates were alot higher than today.The third reason was simply because the procedure itself was painless and even the days following, it wasn’t an issue. We were prepared that there could be some issues, but fortunately everything was fine, now we are put at ease knowing that there shouldn’t be any issues later on down the track for our son.Im a massive fence sitter on this topic, although I strongly believe as parents we make the decisions we believe that are best for our children, and they shouldn’t be questioned by others. So I do get upset when faced with negative comments from others, especially when they throw around terms like “barbaric” like confetti at a wedding. The biggest issue for me here is that ciriimccsuon falls into a simialr catagory as abortion. It’s almost taboo to speak about openly without being criticized or judged.So generally people leave it alone, but I thank you J, for being so eloquent in sharing your opinion, as a mum of a circumcised son it is refreshing to hear from someone who is respectful of the choices of others :D xx

          • I think you have pretty much summed up the situation. You had your son circumcised because you wanted to. No other reason (because as has so meticulously been explained in the article proper, there is no other reason).
            The fact that you make such a pitiful attempt at justifying your self-interest – at your son’s expense – is truly sad. Yes, your husband is circumcised. Poor you – I suspect you are secretly rather unhappy at your sexual experiences but since you do not have the option of experiencing sex with him with a foreskin, you clearly must imagine that it couldn’t be better if he had not been circumcised. Why would I mention this? The point is – researchers (Kristen and Jeffrey O’Hara; “Sex as Nature Intended It” and others following) have ascertained that intercourse is substantially more comfortable and pleasant for the woman when the man has a functioning foreskin.
            Now as to “barbaric”, well, imposing something on your son because it unfortunately happened to your husband – now that sounds barbaric to me. Common sense dictates that cutting pieces off babies cannot be beneficial (especially when it is – perversely – illegal to do so to girls), so it takes a certain psyche to do that to a baby boy.
            Now to the quite ridiculous assertion of “several other male members of our family”. How you could come across “several” family members with an intact foreskin when circumcision was so predominant in the “80s” becomes the first sticking point. This is counter to the fact that problems with the foreskin are quite uncommon, so you cannot have similar problems in family members unless some form of abuse is occurring.
            Next, a brother who “had retraction issues as a child” begins to demonstrate the nature of the problem. Since a foreskin is not supposed to be retractile in childhood, this immediately signals some sort of deliberate interference. It is known that some of the infamous “babycare manuals” of the 20th century carried instructions that the foreskin of babies and by implication, children, were to be retracted in order to “clean” underneath. This advice would in essence correspond to instruction to open the vulva and “clean” inside the vagina of infant girls. Not surprisingly, this led to the early development of urinary tract infections and “infections” under the foreskin. If a child had “retraction issues”, then the issue was that someone was molesting him by attempting to retract his foreskin. The correct management of this is to cease the interference, it can never be an indication for circumcision.
            The “issues down the track” for your son are a risk of meatal stenosis, future social stigma and sexual dysfunction – like your husband.
            Any other “health problems down the track” – if they are other than fictional gossip about a “chap my friend knew” – can only be a reflection of abysmal medical competence if anyone was advised toward a circumcision, as problems with the foreskin can be managed by removing the cause (frequently, use of soap though diabetes is a significant problem as it is of course for the ladies) or in the case of a tight foreskin (so-called “phimosis” as if it were a genuine medical problem), stretching the opening to enable it to function normally.
            Asserting that circumcision is painless (at least for babies who obviously “do not feel pain as adults do”) is simply mendacious, as is referring to your blatant advocacy of circumcision, as a “fence sitter”.

          • Well if your son wanted to have his hand cut off would you also pay for it? It is a rahter strange thing to say you would help your son be amputated from body parts, or to permanently alter (read “severely damage”) his body. I doubt anyone (who is well informed on circumcision) free of serious psychological problems would want the most sensitive part of their genitalia cut off (self-mutilation perhaps? and in this case paying for it would hardly be helpful.) My two cents. Aside from that, great article. Many pro-circ people are dangerously irrational sadly.

  2. Thanks for your post. As I have previously tstaed, I am simply not qualified or intelligent enough to be the person who argues this case, other than in an online blog.However, obviously there are times, when an uncircumcised penis becomes infected and had problems, etc. But, a few cases scattered throughout history, are not enough to warrant, mass or 100% circumcision.We have eye lids, to protect our eyes. We have through evolution, hairs that grow inside our ears and nostrils, that help self filter and prevent certain things from entering these passages.The penis has the same thing. This is NATURAL and cutting it off is UN natural, plain and simple. This extra skin is not a birth defect. It is there for a reason. It protects. It helps keep stimulation. When it is cut off, it cuts into very sensitive parts of the penis.Yes it sucks your son had to have the procedure months after birth because of a problem. But, to say a newborn doesn’t feel it. IS irresponsible. IF as an adult, I would feel the procedure, then HE will feel it, and because of their being infants and all, they don’t give them pain killers to trick the brain into thinking it doesn’t hurt them. There are nerves. Those things hurt when cut, at any age. What with the constant salty urine that is touching the recently scarred and cut area. I just don’t see any reason for it, unless it is medically because of problems. But it is there for a reason, evolution does exist, it is a fact and there is some reason, it is there and I have to believe, that it is there to protect itself.I do believe it affects all men psychologically. You don’t have to buy my argument. But Drs agree, when it comes to uncircumcised penis’ 1st Leave it alone, it will care for itself. Then 2nd, when its ready. Teach him to clean his junk . It actually feels really good, when you clean it. I don’t think there has to be a lot of prodding for kids to protect it or play with it more. Or maybe I am the rare kid that looked for ANY reason to touch, clean, play or shuffle my own pecker.

    • No, the problem is that there are not “times when an uncircumcised penis becomes infected and had problems, etc.” which in any way justify circumcision. “Problems” have a cause, and a foreskin is not a cause.
      The common cause for purported “infections” is the introduction of soap or worse, detergent such as “Bubble bath” under the foreskin. Those who have children with eczema, or have it themselves, know only too well what a problem soap is to the skin, but when it happens to the foreskin, the connection all to often fails to be made, even by otherwise competent doctors. Even worse has in the past been (and continues to be) unbelievably foolish advice to pull back the foreskin of infants to “clean” the area, thus actually introducing the very agents which cause urinary tract infection and which have been distributed (need I explain how) in the bathwater.
      You do not treat these problems, either pro-actively or retro-actively, by removing the foreskin; you remove the cause and the problem is gone.
      Once we get the message across (as we vouch to do in this discussion board) that there are simply no “medical” indications for circumcision, then we can focus with perfect clarity on the ethical implications.

    • tomson again:I hope that your focus will bring some good information. Especially a suoitlon on the often asked question of Wills and Harrys circ status. I for myself fear that they are still uncut – when Diana opted not to circ them why should they have done it after her death?I fear most teenager boys don’t think about their dick-status even if its ugly-uncut So I’d like to hear the newest news on Britsh royality & upper class boys

        • What do you say in response to these maicdel organizations statements against infant male circumcision? 2004 College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, Infant Male Circumcision: “Current understanding of the benefits, risks and potential harm of this procedure no longer supports this practice for prophylactic health benefit. Routine infant male circumcision performed on a healthy infant is now considered a non-therapeutic and maicdelly unnecessary intervention.”2003 British Medical Association, The Law and Ethics of Male Circumcision: Guidance for Doctors: “The maicdel benefits previously claimed have not been convincingly proven… The British Medical Association considers that the evidence concerning health benefits from non-therapeutic circumcision is insufficient for this alone to be a justification for doing it.”2002 Royal Australian College of Physicians, Policy Statement on Circumcision:“There is no maicdel indication for routine male circumcision.”2002 American Academy of Family Physicians, Position Paper on Neonatal Circumcision: “Evidence from the literature is often conflicting or inconclusive… A physician performing a procedure for other than maicdel reasons on a nonconsenting patient raises ethical concerns.”2000 American Medical Association (AMA), Report 10 of the Council on Scientific Affairs: “Virtually all current policy statements from specialty societies and maicdel organizations do not recommend routine infant circumcision…The AMA supports the general principles of the 1999 Circumcision Policy Statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics.” 1999 American Academy of Pediatrics, Circumcision Policy Statement: “Existing scientific evidence … [is] not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision.”1996 Canadian Paediatric Society, Neonatal Circumcision Revisited: “Circumcision of newborns should not be routinely performed.”1996 Australian Medical Association, Circumcision Deterred: “The Australian College of Paediatrics should continue to discourage the practice of circumcision in newborns.”1996 British Medical Association, Circumcision of Male Infants: Guidance for Doctors: “To circumcise for therapeutic reasons where maicdel research has shown other techniques to be at least as effective and less invasive would be unethical and inappropriate.”1996 Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons, Guidelines for Circumcision: “The Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons does not support the routine circumcision of male neonates, infants, or children in Australia. It is considered to be inappropriate and unnecessary as a routine to remove the prepuce [foreskin], based on the current evidence available… We do not support the removal of a normal part of the body, unless there are definite indications to justify the complications and risks which may arise. In particular, we are opposed to male children being subjected to a procedure, which had they been old enough to consider the advantages and disadvantages, may well have opted to reject the operation and retain their prepuce.”

    • Hugs4jack: No study has shown any protective ecfeft of circumcision for men who have sex with men by far the greatest risk of HIV in the USA. And no US study has found any protective ecfeft against infection between men and women.This South African study was of volunteers for circumcision. The circumcised men were found to be younger, more educated, less likely to be married and more aware of their HIV status than those who were not circumcised. That in itself may hold the explanation for the lower HIV rate, and nothing to do with circumcision. Being younger, the have had less opportunity to be infected. Being more educated, they may be more careful (as also shown by their greater awareness of their status). The same researchers found in 2001 that circumcision showed no protective ecfeft.We should be very wary of the beguiling claim that circumcision itself is protective, after its sorry history as a cure in search of a disease, an intervention in search of an excuse.

  3. Pingback: URL

  4. It is UNBELIEVABLE “whether or not to traumatize an infant” has to be argued for any reason BY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. It is mental illness to say it it is ok to severe the frenular artery (hint:circulation) , and cut off such an important part of a baby as his genital covering. What if they cut off a females genital covering so she could not enjoy sex as an adult? It is disturbing at best that people will argue it any further. The medical community should have never cut healthy babies genitals for any reasons! Social disease spread prevention by cutting off healthy baby skin is a crock. Cut off part of healthy infant tissue for PREVENTION? For that matter, you could just cut off his whole penis and ensure he could not spread disease. It’s about that absurd. Babys have a right to healthy unaltered genitals (protection from harm) and their rights are being trampled
    every time a child is snipped. What a rip.

    • Thanks for emphasizing a fact that many pelope pushing circumcision don’t seem to realize: that frequent washing is essential whether you are circumcised or not. I personally think the hygiene argument for circumcision is bogus. Groups who practice female circumcision make the same claim.

  5. As a man who was circumcised as a toddler to ‘cure’ rheumatic fever (by an ignorant doctor who also made other mistakes in his dealings with our family) I was determined that my son would stay intact, and he is OK after 27 years. My gut feeling was correct, after the age of 40, sex became less satifactory, and after I was 60 it is impossible for me to orgasm in intercourse, due to a total loss of sensitivity, which is the ultimate intention of Jews, Muslims, and American medics. American doctors can’t see a problem with genital mutilation, it cures everything! BTW, I am British, and very few British babies and adults get the best part of their penis cut off, and they suffer far less disease.

  6. This discussiin has gotten so far out of hand. What right do you have to judge whether circumcision is right or wrong? The complications of having it done later in life are so much higher than as an infant but I don’t see people up in arms about that! Just like in the case of abortion, mind your own business and let peopledo what THEY feel is right. Quit adding to the fear of new mothers. For God’s sake they have enough to worry about and the risk us proven to be 0.2%. Get over yourselves already!

  7. I’m 16 yrs old and unfortunately I was circumcised shortly after birth. At first I thought nothing was wrong with me until I was around 7 yrs old when my friends began teasing me by saying I had a “backward penis”, I wasn’t sure what that meant but then I noticed mine looked different from theirs and they had something
    extra that I didn’t. Later on I discovered what circumcision is and realised that it had been done to me. That never bothered me until recently when my friends and my cousin began discussing certain things they experience with their penis and describing how sensitive it is and I have never experienced them . I did some research and read that this was a result of the skin of my glans becoming calloused due to the absence of a protective foreskin, I was devastated and started feeling bad so I approached my mother and inquired as to why she would consent my circumcision while lamenting that she had allowed them to steal a vital part of me and stressed that I was genitally mutilated. She explained that she had little knowledge of circumcision and what it entailed and when the nurses asked her if she wanted the procedure done she responded with a ‘No’ the first few times but due to the persistence of the nurse she eventually agreed and said ‘Yes’. She then apologized sheepishly and tried to reassure me that I still had all the functions of any uncircumcised person but I didn’t expect a woman to understand (no offence ladies) and indeed she was wrong. I am now researching for ways to regrow a foreskin as it does does return some level of sensitivity. People please don’t circumcise your sons, they don’t deserve to be plunged into a World of pain especially right after the miracle of birth. Also it has come to my attention that baby foreskin is used to make expensive face creams which keep skin young due to the high levels of colagen they contain. I’m not comfortable with the idea of some rich lady rubbing a creamified form of my foreskin on her face, it should be on my penis !

  8. Pingback: ‘Hiding’ As Plain Sight: The Assault on the Human Mind | Thought for Food

  9. It is my firm believe that circumcision is a private family matter that should be left as a parental decision and others should not judge or question. Everyone has opinions and rights to their own opinions, but under no circumstances should anyone become self-righteous enough to belittle someone else for not holding the same opinion. When did it become acceptable in American Society to judge and meddle in the private family affairs of others? There are many issues that Americans need to be concerned with in our society, but circumcision is NOT one. It was for many years and should continue to be respected a fact of American Society. If Americans were meant to be like Europeans then most of the population would still be there, don’t you think? The United States was much better off when under Conservatism, it was standard to speak no evil and not make waves. This is a sign of the larger disintegration of American Society and the Western World in general. No decency whatsoever!

    • Thank you for commenting, Suzannah!

      As a mom of both boys and girls, It is my firm belief that boys should have the same right to bodily integrity as girls do. Females are now protected by law in this country (even so, in the US right now, sadly more than 500,000 females suffer the effects of female circumcision), but males are not afforded this protection. I believe this is a human rights and equality issue. Circumcision, along with any other elective surgical body modifications, should absolutely be an option for consenting adult males. However, it should not be forced upon healthy infants. His body, his choice.

      If you do a little research into the history of circumcision in this country, you will find that very unscientific and unsound reasons were used to promote male circumcision, including that it would prevent blindness, stop masturbation and protect against venereal disease. Now that we know better, we should do better, don’t you think?

      I think it is important for people to be a voice for those who have none. To stand by silently and refrain from engaging in thoughtful discussion in an effort to protect some of the most vulnerable members in our society for fear of making waves is not my definition of decency.

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