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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy Leslie! I’m not sure where you live but if you’re in NYC there are tons of afdlrfaboe doula options. Some doulas will volunteer their services while they are in training for doula certification. I know some work for around $300 early on in their careers. You can check out Birthdaypresence.net and nycdoulacoop.com. Feel free to e-mail me privately as well if you’d like to talk or ask any questions. I’d be happy to share any information that may help you on your journey. Best wishes to you and your expanding family. my e-mail address is

    • I really watend to have a doula. Unfortunately I ran out of time and money to secure one before the birth. My husband and mom were in the delivery room. It was fine with them but in the beginning my sister was there even though I asked her to leave repeatedly. I’d rather she not have been in there, but there was no one else in the waiting room yet. In fact she repeatedly texted my mother while I was pushing!!! Ugggg. I love her, but she just didn’t get it and it drove me crazy. I ended up needing a c-section. If I’m blessed enough to get pregnant again then I’m definitely getting a doula if I decide to try a vbac.

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