52 Projects: #2 The Love Notes

When my kids go away for school competitions or scouting trips, or sometimes even just to school for the day, I like to tuck a little love note or two into their luggage or lunch bag. I like to think it’ll be a pleasant surprise for them and that they’ll be reminded of how much I love them and that I’m thinking of them, even when we’re apart.

This week, I decided to create some simple love notes to have on hand, especially as my eldest will be going to North Carolina later this month and the kids will be back to school before we know it. I know that I could write on any scrap of paper and that my message would (probably) still get across, but again, the purpose of these 52 Projects is to take time each week to do something I enjoy. And this is a creative, fun crafting project for me and I’m pretty sure they appreciate the extra effort that goes into a handmade item, no matter how small.

I’m keeping these love notes in a repurposed red envelope on my desk so that I’m reminded to share these and it’s easy to grab a card at anytime and write a little note of encouragement or love, or maybe even a joke to make them smile.

Do you write love notes for your children or partner? Or give any other tokens of your love?


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