Birth Story: Nicholas

{second baby, birth center birth}

You are almost a year Nicholas, but it still feels like yesterday. The memory of when I had you in my arms for the first time is so vivid, it keeps bringing tears of joy and accomplishment.

I found out that I was pregnant with my second child at 14 weeks. I was ecstatic, but nervous. My daughter’s birth was so perfect that I was scared I would not have the same luck this time around. However, being a mommy to a toddler kept me busy and prevented me from feeding my fears.

Eva was born at 38 weeks after 9 hours of labor, so I expected an early and short labor with Nicholas too. Once I reached 37 weeks, I was ready and anxious. I could not wait to meet my little boy. At 38 weeks I started feeling mild contractions, but they were irregular. I was getting impatient, but kept praying for a peaceful birth at the birthing center. A transfer to the hospital was my biggest fear.

The night of October 21 I went to bed with no signs of labor. Eva woke up around 2 a.m. and I went to nurse her back to sleep. It was then that my first and real contraction came. I could not bear to lay on the bed any longer. I went to the bathroom and tried different positions to ease the discomfort, contractions kept coming, every time more intense. However, I was still doubtful that it was the real thing, so I did not wake my husband up. I got in the shower as the pain increased. My husband woke up then, started timing the contractions, and convinced me to call our midwife since contractions were 5 minutes apart. Our midwife told us to continue to time the contractions and call her back if they progressed. By 5:00 a.m. I knew my baby was coming sooner than later. We called our midwife and agreed to meet at the birthing center in 15 minutes.

Contractions remained intense and I continued to labor in the shower at the birthing center. Around 7 a.m. I felt the urge to push so I got in the tub and my water broke. After few pushes (and bites to my husband’s hand while he held mine, trying to manage the pain), Nicholas was born at 8:02 a.m., healthy and in a loving and peaceful environment.

My mom and my daughter came to see us few minutes later and together we celebrated our new addition to the family. Eva was amazed to see her brother; I could see in her eyes her love for him. She was so proud to be a big sister and has been so caring and nurturing since (except for when he takes her toys, lol).

I am forever thankful for the gift of two perfect and empowering births. Motherhood has not been an easy journey, but it has been rewarding and the best that has happened in my life.


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