Please! Don’t share these photos of your kids online!

One of the many awesome things about being a doula is that I get to see a lot of wonderful photos and even videos of kids on my Facebook newsfeed. Playing, sleeping, exploring, nursing, laughing…. Firsts of all kinds: crawls, foods, steps, travels… I love to see how these humans grow, learn, eventually head off … Continue reading “Please! Don’t share these photos of your kids online!”

Hidden Dangers in Baby Clothes

Looking through the free clothes basket at a local birth center, I picked up a cute little outfit for my new baby… it was nice and soft, 100% certified organic cotton, Made in the USA, clean. So I didn’t hesitate to take it home, but I am so glad I hesitated to put it on … Continue reading “Hidden Dangers in Baby Clothes”

Car Seat Safety Part 3: That Basket in the Back Seat

We’ve come a long way, baby! I’ve shared with you some serious and useful car seat safety information in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, but now I’m ready to just take a fun car trip down memory lane! I was one of those babies who made it to childhood in a basket … Continue reading “Car Seat Safety Part 3: That Basket in the Back Seat”

Car Seat Safety Part 2: Expiration, Laws, Travel & More

Car Seat Safety Part 1 addressed some of the basics when it comes to car seats. This post may cover some lesser-known information, some of which I did not learn until I had my fourth baby! Infants and babies should be rear-facing for at least two years. Recommendations and laws vary per area but the research … Continue reading “Car Seat Safety Part 2: Expiration, Laws, Travel & More”

Car Seat Safety Part 1: Proper Use & Common Mistakes

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for getting out and about with baby is not just to get a good quality car seat, but to learn how to use it properly. I always encourage parents (especially dads) to make sure that a car seat is properly installed by 37 weeks … Continue reading “Car Seat Safety Part 1: Proper Use & Common Mistakes”

Cloth Diapering Basics: The Options

I’m happy to feature a guest post by one of the new owners of Bippy Diapers, Tessa Smith. Check them out at and Update: Bippy has now become Mod Baby so visit their new sites at and at Cloth diapering can be overwhelming. There, I said it! When my husband suggested cloth diapering, I … Continue reading “Cloth Diapering Basics: The Options”

Choosing a Pediatrician

You’re 34 weeks pregnant and you’ve got baby’s names picked out, you’ve bought clothes for baby, but have you chosen a pediatrician? This is an important decision and parents need to take many factors into account. Sadly, it’s often a more difficult decision than it should be due to the fact that insurance companies play … Continue reading “Choosing a Pediatrician”

How to Calm Your Crying Baby

By Elizabeth Pantley, author of Gentle Baby Care When we’re pregnant or awaiting adoption, we dream about our baby-to-be, we always envision those beautiful Hallmark card scenes: charming baby smiling up at peaceful mother’s face. We read books in advance of the big day about how care for a newborn – how to bathe, feed … Continue reading “How to Calm Your Crying Baby”

Use your BRAIN!

Have you ever remembered a question you had wanted to ask… about five minutes AFTER you left a care provider’s office? Have you ever agreed to have something done to yourself or your child and later wanted to kick yourself for allowing that? It can be very difficult for most people to think of all … Continue reading “Use your BRAIN!”

The Fabulous Functional Foreskin

Ever wonder why anyone would remove a healthy organ from a newborn baby? Me too! Maybe it’s because of the old mistaken impression that it’s “just a little snip” or “just a flap of skin”. Today we know that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have learned so much more about the important function … Continue reading “The Fabulous Functional Foreskin”