Birth Story: Katherine Elizabeth

[first baby, birth center turned hospital transfer, vaginal birth} Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby The experience of a laboring mother, father and a grandmother at Sarasota Memorial Hospital Brief Overview: “You have your birth plan, I have mine. When yours does not agree with mine, we will go with mine,” Dr. Abu declared. We were at SMH … Continue reading “Birth Story: Katherine Elizabeth”

Birth Story: Levi Edward

{planned home VBAC turned CBAC} January 4, 2012 {Valerie & Jason welcome their second son, Levi} Our second little boy arrived just like his older brother! We’d planned a home birth, and ended up with a swollen cervix, and c-section. But thank God my babies came out big, healthy, and perfect! The labor may not … Continue reading “Birth Story: Levi Edward”

Birth Story: Brycen Anthony

May 28, 2011 {Brittany & Frank: A big baby boy born at the birth center while his father serves in the military.} I was sitting outside when my father said “Let’s have a father-daughter day since your mother is ill.” So I went out to Publix to grab us some shrimp steaks and some veggies. … Continue reading “Birth Story: Brycen Anthony”

Birth Story: Christopher Lee

March 21, 2011 {Jen & Mike: This gorgeous little one had a rare face-first presentation.} We experienced the best of both worlds. Christopher’s birth didn’t turn out as we planned but we wouldn’t have done anything differently. I’ll try to make this short…. I listened to hypnobirth CDs during my last trimester. I think they … Continue reading “Birth Story: Christopher Lee”

Birth Story: Lucas Bradford

{birth center turned to hospital transfer and cesarean} March 4, 2011 {Elizabeth & Bryan welcome their son.} So Lucas’s Birthday Weekend was such an amazing, unplanned journey. I went for a long walk with my good friend and neighbor, Jennifer Cook. We walked a good hour and a half and then we came home… I … Continue reading “Birth Story: Lucas Bradford”

Birth Story: Ephraim Brydon

{planned birth center birth turned hospital transfer and cesarean} January 21, 2011 It’s hard to imagine now how slow time passed the few weeks before you were born. I sat with nothing to do wondering when you were going to come, wishing it was now. A true test of my patience, I wandered around the … Continue reading “Birth Story: Ephraim Brydon”