To My Doula Client’s Doctor

Dear Doctor, I recently had a consultation with a potential doula client, a patient of yours. During our conversation, she said something that really struck me. She mentioned that she had asked you about doulas at her last appointment and you had replied with this:                “A doula is … Continue reading “To My Doula Client’s Doctor”

How can I become a doula?

From time to time, people ask me for advice on how to become a doula. Here are some of my suggestions: Research doula certification organizations such as DONA, ALACE, CAPPA, ICEA, Birth Arts International, Birthing From Within, Childbirth International, and Charis for courses, fees and training details to find the one that best meets your … Continue reading “How can I become a doula?”

How to Pay for Doula Services

Some people are surprised by the potential cost of hiring a doula. While some doulas-in-training may offer low-cost or even free services while they gain experience, others may charge anywhere from $300 to over $1200, depending on factors such as experience, location, and demand. Some women feel that they can’t afford the support they want, … Continue reading “How to Pay for Doula Services”

Postpartum Doulas

So you’re daydreaming about that special day when you’re finally going to meet your baby. Then it dawns on you: what are you going to do once you’ve birthed your baby? Then what?! If you’re anything like I was, there will be many questions swirling through your brain about your new baby, your own recovery and probably … Continue reading “Postpartum Doulas”

Birth Doulas

What is a doula? A birth doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and her partner before, during and after birth; A postpartum doula provides emotional, educational and practical support after birth, during the postpartum period. Time and again, studies have shown that when doulas … Continue reading “Birth Doulas”

Interviewing a Birth Doula

As you approach the end of your pregnancy, you may be considering hiring a birth doula. Great idea! But how do you go about choosing one? This is, after all, someone who you are inviting to a very personal, intimate event in your life. It is an honor for her to be there. There are a … Continue reading “Interviewing a Birth Doula”