The AAP Statement on Circumcision

As anticipated, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued an update to their Circumcision Policy Statement today, as they periodically do. It is deeply disappointing that while other nations are taking steps to protect the genital integrity of both boys and girls, we Americans once again fail to make a firm stand to protect our male … Continue reading “The AAP Statement on Circumcision”

What’s in your Home Wellness Cabinet?

Garlic lemonade, colloidal silver, roots, herbs and homemade tinctures, diatomaceous earth….. These are just some of the remedies and healing sources that I know some families use. What’s in your home wellness cabinet? I’m always interested to hear what other families use to heal and treat the various ailments that are inherent in having a … Continue reading “What’s in your Home Wellness Cabinet?”

Choosing a Pediatrician

You’re 34 weeks pregnant and you’ve got baby’s names picked out, you’ve bought clothes for baby, but have you chosen a pediatrician? This is an important decision and parents need to take many factors into account. Sadly, it’s often a more difficult decision than it should be due to the fact that insurance companies play … Continue reading “Choosing a Pediatrician”

Use your BRAIN!

Have you ever remembered a question you had wanted to ask… about five minutes AFTER you left a care provider’s office? Have you ever agreed to have something done to yourself or your child and later wanted to kick yourself for allowing that? It can be very difficult for most people to think of all … Continue reading “Use your BRAIN!”

Homeopathy: A Gentle Medicine

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I am not a homeopath. I’ve never even taken a class in homeopathy. I was given homeopathic remedies for labor induction by my midwives in 2002 and have since read about it, been given homeopathics for other reasons by other midwives and my dentist (even our vet prescribed homeopathic remedies … Continue reading “Homeopathy: A Gentle Medicine”

Beneficial Herbs For Pregnancy

    Nettle (Urtica Dioica) For those who have wandered into woodlands near water, stinging nettle will be a familiar memory. Nettle is a popular table green still today, eaten much the same way as cooked kale or spinach. Rich in chlorophyll, nettle is a world favorite for all urinary tract problems. Contains: Chlorine, chlorophyll, formic … Continue reading “Beneficial Herbs For Pregnancy”

Local Food Sources

Excellent nutrition is the key foundation for a healthy pregnancy – and beyond! Fortunately for us, fresh and local produce, eggs and meat from family farms and co-ops are abundant in our area and it’s a wonderful way to provide yourself and your family with better nutrition! Not only that, but they often offer great … Continue reading “Local Food Sources”