Your voice in birth matters. A lot.

Or: How to write a letter of complaint to your OB, midwife or hospital… Every birth matters, and YOU have a voice. Significant changes have been made in recent years in our local birth world – changes to policies, procedures and options. Many of these changes happen because you are a consumer of services and … Continue reading “Your voice in birth matters. A lot.”

Placenta Rituals: 10 Reasons to Eat Your Placenta

That poor placenta! It’s such an amazing organ and yet so often overlooked. But take a moment to learn about it and you will find a truly remarkable process at work. Did you know: The placenta can weigh 1-2 pounds and may be about dinner-plate size (approximately 9” diameter, 1” thick). The placenta secretes hormones, … Continue reading “Placenta Rituals: 10 Reasons to Eat Your Placenta”

Bald After Birth? Ah, Postpartum Hair Loss

It can be pretty unnerving when, just several months into motherhood, you run your fingers through your hair and only to find clumps of hair clinging to your hand. Or you find scary amounts of hair on your pillow, or can’t wash your hair without clogging the drain. Is this normal? Yes, for many women, … Continue reading “Bald After Birth? Ah, Postpartum Hair Loss”

Use your BRAIN!

Have you ever remembered a question you had wanted to ask… about five minutes AFTER you left a care provider’s office? Have you ever agreed to have something done to yourself or your child and later wanted to kick yourself for allowing that? It can be very difficult for most people to think of all … Continue reading “Use your BRAIN!”

Postpartum Meal Planning

Imagine feeding yourself and your family nutritious, nourishing, delicious homemade meals for a whole month or more – without having to cook! Doesn’t that sound fantastic? It can be done – you just need to take some time to prepare. I’ve been happy when I have just a week’s worth of homemade meals in the … Continue reading “Postpartum Meal Planning”