Childbirth Classes

For more information or to schedule a private class, please call me, Chantal, at 941.527.7161 or email me at

As a Natural Childbirth Educator who has had the pleasure of teaching and learning from more than 180 couples, I can help you learn about your options in pregnancy and how to be proactive in making decisions that are best for you and your child. Classes include activities, discussion, relaxation practice and videos in a casual and friendly environment in which all of your questions and concerns can be addressed at this important and wonderful time in your life.

Join me to learn about topics such as:

  • excellent nutrition in pregnancy
  • prenatal exercises
  • effective labor and birth positions
  • relaxation techniques
  • comfort measures
  • massage techniques
  • active participation by your partner
  • variations, interventions & complications
  • advocating for yourself
  • breastfeeding
  • postpartum wellness planning
  • newborn care

Classes are designed to educate and empower both women and their partners to create a positive birth experience for themselves.

As birth is only the beginning, I offer an introduction to a variety of “Beyond the Birth” parenting choices that you will have after the birth of your baby, including cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, vaccinations, circumcision, co-sleeping and gentle parenting philosophies. Packed with useful information and hands-on experience, this class offers an opportunity to open your mind to new ways of interacting with your child.

I am currently offering private individual or small group classes as requested. Classes are open to anyone, whether you plan a home, hospital or birth center birth, whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth, whether this is your only birth preparation class or a supplement to other classes you have taken. Classes are usually held in your home, but can also be held in mine.

Customized Classes 

Together we can customize your class to your unique needs. I understand each family has different concerns, experience, scheduling availability and I will work with you to make sure you get the most out of these classes. I provide an outline for a series of 6 two-hour classes:

  1. Exercises & Relaxation
  2. Labor Stages & Strategies
  3. Birth Plans & Variations
  4. Labor Support & Comfort Measures
  5. Postpartum Preparation & Baby Care
  6. Beyond the Birth 

You can choose to do the full series or you can choose sub-topics from the 6 listed above. For example, one couple may choose a class that focuses on relaxation (physical, emotional and mental), nutrition, labor techniques and positions. Another may wish to learn more about positive communications, advocating for yourself as well as variations and complications. We can also create or review your birth plan and address any specific concerns or interests you have.

I am flexible and able to schedule class days and times according to what works best for us both. Contact me for further information!

Cost:  $50 per 2-hour class.

The class fee covers a student binder, access to my lending library as well as email and phone support.

Student Feedback

“Thank you for the birthing classes we took with you. It was not only very informative and helpful, but also really enjoyable. We enjoyed every class and the course as a whole has been one of the best steps we could have taken in preparation for our baby’s birth. Thank you!” ~ Lizelle

“I just wanted you to know how much I truly appreciate your help through this new journey for me! Your classes have been inspiring! Thank you!” ~ Anna

“Thank you so much for everything you taught and shared with us in your classes. We learned a lot and we feel much more informed and empowered as new parents. We really appreciate all you do! Thank you again!” ~ Kristie

“We are so grateful for you opening up your home for our birth class! We thoroughly enjoyed it and are walking away equipped to birth with strength, supporting each other to welcome our daughter into the world. With sincere thanks!” ~ Rechelle

“I just wanted to thank you for teaching such an amazing class. I feel so blessed by this experience and what I learned. I learned so much about myself through this whole experience and gained so much faith in myself and my body through the class that I want to someday pass that along to other women. Thank you!”  ~ Jessica

“Hey!!!!!! Its been almost 2 years since my daughter has been born, but the Bradley Method you taught me was SOOOOOOOOOOO HELPFUL! My cousin is having a natural birth AND her hospital does waterbirths! I told her all about you and how amazing the class was. She lives in Indy but I told her to find someone that teaches it. Thank you again, Chantal!” ~ Erin

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that I have been inspired by you (and my whole pregnancy experience) to pursue a career in childbirth. I am in school now, and hoping to get into the nursing program next year. I also want to become a doula while I’m in school. I plan to be a labor and delivery nurse and then go on to get my master’s degree in midwifery. It’s going to be a long road, but I’m really excited.” ~ Jessie

“Even though we never got to go to a reunion class, or experience a full 12 week class, we wanted to say we really enjoyed the refresher class and got so much out of it, enough so that our entire view of birth changed. That being said, we have discussed taking the instructor course and would really appreciate your thoughts on being an instructor.” ~ Nicole