Birth Story: Cora Elizabeth

December 26, 2007 {Michelle & Dan: home waterbirth of third child}

This was my 3rd homebirth, but in a new state, with a new midwife. I labored in the water with my first 2 children, but my midwife had me get out to push both times. I was convinced that I could not push effectively in the water and almost gave up on trying for a third water birth. But, I decided to order the La Bassine tub, and it was worth every penny! I got it a week before I went into labor. I went into labor on Christmas Day around 7 pm. Contractions were every 10-15 minutes all night long and just strong enough to keep me awake and annoyed. My husband decided to go to work on Dec 26 – he didn’t really think I was in labor. Around 10 am, my mother-in-law came to pick up our other two children. As soon as they left, my contractions became every 5 minutes apart, but were still not very intense. I had been in contact with my midwife and we decided that when the intensity of the contractions changed, she would head on out.

Around 11:30 am, I tried reaching my husband at work, but he didn’t answer his cell phone. Finally, after 3 calls, he answered, and I suggested he come home. He came home around noon – still not convinced that I was in real labor. When my contractions started coming every 3-5 minutes, I decided to call my midwife and have her get on the road. I decided that since this was our 3rd child, it would be better to get her out, even though I still didn’t feel like the contractions were intense. My chiropractor came around 1:30 pm and adjusted me. My husband still was unconvinced, and I had to bug him to get the birth tub set up. My midwife arrived around 2:00 pm. She checked me and I was happy to find out that I was dilated to 7 cm already! We both got after my husband to get the birth tub inflated and filled since it was still not ready. Around 3:30 I decided to get in the half filled birth tub. I labored in the water for about an hour and then had an overwhelming urge to push. Even though this was our 3rd child, I don’t remember having this urge with the other 2. There was no holding me back. My first push broke my water and the 4th push pushed out our baby!

Cora Elizabeth was born at 4:48 pm, weighed in at 9 lbs 2 ounces and measured 20 3/4 inches long. It was absolutely amazing. We did not know it was a girl, although I had suspected. My husband at one point referred to the baby as “he.” But after I finally asked and they looked, we found a girl! I stayed in the water until I had delivered the placenta and then moved to the couch. The tub contained all the mess and it was hardly noticeable that a baby had even been born in our house. It was an amazing experience. The setting was beautiful – in our living room, in front of a blazing fire, with a beautiful Christmas tree right next to the tub. I only tore a little bit and for the first time, did not need to be stitched up. What a wonderful Christmas present!

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