Labor & Birth Support

What is a Birth Doula?

A doula knows childbirth and understands the process of having a baby. She provides continuous emotional and physical support during labor and birth, including suggesting comfort measures and labor positions, and providing guidance for the father or birth partner in order to create the most positive, healthy, and enjoyable experience possible. A doula also provides antepartum and postpartum informational and emotional support, including explanation and discussion of practices and procedures, as needed.

A doula is not a medical professional and does not perform clinical or medical tasks, such as performing blood pressure or temperature checks, fetal heart tone checks, cervical examinations, fetal positioning assessments or postpartum clinical care. She advocates for her client’s wishes as expressed in her birth plan, in prenatal conversations and in intrapartum discussion. She helps the mother incorporate changes in plans if and when the need arises, and enhances communication between client and caregiver. A doula does not speak for or make decisions for the client but rather helps empower her to make her own informed decisions.

What is included in Labor & Birth Support?

ButterflyBirth Birth Doula Services include:

  • one prenatal appointment at your home
  • an education packet covering labor, birth, postpartum & baby topics
  • being on call for you from 38 weeks until birth
  • support throughout labor and immediately after the birth
  • one postpartum home visit between 3 and 7 days after birth
  • unlimited phone, text and/or email support 
  • additional postpartum support is available

Please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation so we can discuss your specific birthing hopes and expectations and how my doula services may help you achieve a positive birth experience. I am happy to support you whether you plan a home, hospital or birth center birth, whether this is your first baby or your fifth, whether you plan an unmedicated or medicated vaginal birth, caesarean or VBAC birth.

For more information, call 941 527 7161 or email me:

I can answer any questions you may have and send you my Letter of Agreement, which outlines what I do and what I don’t do, when to call me in labor, and other important details, as well as a Guidelines for my Doula worksheet. This is optional, but often a good starting point for considering not only what your options may be in labor and birth but also what your priorities and concerns are. Once you select me as your doula, you will then receive the education packet I offer my doula clients, have access to my lending library, and we will begin working toward a positive and empowered birth experience.

What are the benefits of hiring a doula? 

There is always an element of risk in any childbirth situation. As a doula, I cannot guarantee how labor will unfold for you nor can I guarantee a particular outcome. Having said that, numerous studies have shown that having a doula present at birth can have the following results:

  • Shorter labor (average two hours less for first time mothers)
  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Greater maternal satisfaction with the birth
  • Better mother-infant interaction
  • Improved neonatal outcomes
  • Increased breastfeeding success

You can be assured that as your doula, I will support you throughout your labor and birth experience in a non-judgmental way, using the techniques and comfort measures that work best for you, helping you identify your options, making sure you have the information you need to make informed choices and supporting your decisions.

Please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation so we can discuss your unique needs and how my birth and/or postpartum doula services may help you achieve a positive birth and postpartum experience.