Kind Words

Here are some of the kind words my doula clients have shared about my services over the years:

Thank you so much for being part of my birth experience. Your calm, reassuring presence helped me even during the most intense parts of labor. I especially appreciated all the information, support and encouragement you gave during the long weeks when I was waiting for my third baby to arrive. You helped me to have exactly the kind of birth experience I wanted. Thank you! ~ Erika C.

Chantal was SUCH a blessing to have as a Doula for my first birth experience. My husband and I met with her a couple months before I was due and went over what she offers, plus we spent some extra time just chatting. I never felt rushed and always felt open to ask ANY question. I love that she has a big family and has been through the natural birth experience before, as well as breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and other attachment-parenting practices I was attracted to. She was the first to arrive during my labor (my husband called her as soon as I felt things start to “get real”. 😉 ) and was a calm yet very strong and important presence for me. Though I did not have typical “back labor”, I still had very achey low back throughout the contractions and Chantal seemed to have spent 6 hours straight rubbing my back for me! She knew just what to do and what to say when it was needed. She was a super calm “rock” for both my husband and I and I truly needed her there. Since my birth, she’s always been available for questions and for resources on relevant topics. Chantal’s experienced knowledge is what every expecting mom or first-time natural-birthing mom needs for sure! <3 ~ Alina R.

Having Chantal as my doula was a very positive experience. I felt prepared and in control for the birth of my second child. (unlike my first birth without a doula).

Chantal opened my eyes to a new way of viewing the birthing process: one in which I had options and rights to make my own informed decisions! Chantal provided me with the tools, information, knowledge, and confidence to achieve my birthing goals and to figure out which parts of the birth experience were most important to me. She reassured me that it was okay to change my mind about my birth plan at the last moment.

Her comprehensive educational packet contained valuable information about prenatal care, comfort measures to use during labor, the stages of labor, labor positions, common interventions, how to devise a birth plan, postpartum care, etc. She also loaned me several pregnancy and birthing books related to my interests.

I felt more relaxed during my second pregnancy knowing Chantal was just a phone call away. Chantal was always readily available to talk or text for as long as I needed, which especially became helpful toward the end of my pregnancy when anticipation was building. I had more questions and concerns as my due date came and went, and the doctors were mentioning induction.

Chantal presented herself in a calm, respectful, caring, objective, and open-minded manner. She supported my decisions and birth plan. She gave me inspiration as she herself had birthed four of her own children.

I am very happy and thankful to have had Chantal as my doula. I highly recommend her services. ~ Jamie M.

Chantal helped with the birth of my second daughter in 2014. Though I hired her rather last minute, she gave me all the care and information I needed going into my second birth. She arrived at the hospital very quickly (I used Lakewood Ranch) and remained there through the birth of our daughter and a short time afterward. She did this amazing thing where she massaged my lower back during a contraction that was just amazing. I used Hypnobirthing (best decision ever) and it was wonderful to be able to talk to her about the birth afterwards. She was there to help coach me and witness the birth. Finally, she also was available after the birth and continuously through email to help with nursing and other questions. Previously, I had also taken a birth class with Chantal. She is very knowledgeable in alternative birth practices. I love her alternative approach to birth and friendly / quiet disposition. I would recommend her to everyone seeking a doula. ~ Stacey M.

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Chantal is an AMAZING doula! My husband and I felt blessed to have had her participate during the labor and postpartum care of our daughter, Presley. I was attempting a VBAC and had many fears that she acknowledged and helped me work through.  She made a great effort to get to know us and learn what we wanted for our birth experience. She was readily available to answer questions and offer suggestions along the way. I labored at home for several hours and Chantal was by my side supporting me as I struggled with the strength of contractions. After finally getting to the hospital and hours into the early morning, she was still there… providing an unbelievable amount of encouragement and assistance throughout my labor. I remember, at the time, thinking I couldn’t believe how involved she was as the hours went on. She was very attentive to my needs, whatever they may have been. She massaged my feet, my back, helped with positioning, asked me what I needed, and sometimes she just talked in my ear with her quiet reassuring voice telling me I was doing great. I think, looking back, her calming presence and reassurance were most helpful. I did end up having a cesarean due to reasons beyond anyone’s control. I have no idea how I would have recovered from it emotionally without Chantal. She was there for me immediately after the birth and when I returned home. I reached out to her many times as I felt she was the only one who could help me process the feelings I was having. I really cannot express how grateful I am for Chantal. We are due for our third baby in April and she will be along with us for the ride once again. My husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is sweet, thoughtful, and really has a comforting and loving way about her. She was not only a doula to us, but a friend and we want to thank her for everything she did for our family! ~ Lauren W.

My initial interaction with Chantal started in 2011 while I was pregnant with my first. I signed up for her Butterfly Birth classes hoping to learn everything I could to have a successful natural birth. What I got was much more than I could have ever anticipated. After each class I felt more and more empowered, informed and prepared to have the best labor experience possible. The information I took away made me feel confident in the choices I was making for myself and for my child. Despite having to have a C-Section with my first, I felt very prepared having gained so much from Chantal and knowing what resources to tap into.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy – I knew I wanted to attempt a VBAC and to make this a reality I would need to employ a Doula. The first person that came to mind was Chantal. Once more Chantal proved to be a vital force throughout my pregnancy, but more so in the delivery room. I could not have had a successful VBAC without her help. From providing lower back massage to encouraging words she was the best support person I could have had by my side. My only regret was not having hired her as my Doula for my first pregnancy. Should I be fortunate to have another child, she will be the first one I call to assist with guiding both mama and baby through both pregnancy and labor. ~ Adrienne A.

Thank you for all of the support you gave us with the pregnancy, labor and delivery. I had the most amazing birth experience and could not have had that without you! We will cherish that forever!  ~ Jenna

My sincerest of thanks for all your support and encouragement through my entire journey and seeing me thru til the climax of my miracle was here! You are amazing and truly special! ~ De D.

Words cannot truly express how much your support meant to us during our time of need. You are a blessing and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. ~ Kristin

We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. We learned so much in your class – leaving us feeling very prepared for the big day. Having you there for us on the big day meant the world. You are such a special person. Your support – at a time when everyone else was telling us we were doing the wrong thing – meant so much and made a big difference in this journey! Thanks a million! ~ Jillian

We truly appreciate everything you did to help us with the birth of our son and all the support in the hours that followed. Thank you for the cute hat and visit after he was home. It was very comforting knowing we had someone to help and guide us through the labor and delivery. We couldn’t have done it so smoothly without you! ~ Tara

Thank you for everything you did to make my birth experience calm and personal. The knowledge you shared with us gave us the confidence to bring our boy into this world the way I wanted. Thank you for helping our family. ~ Emily

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