Birth Story: EliYah

July 28, 2008 {Stephanie & Michael: A wonderful home birth experience!}

Labor started Friday night at midnight, July 26th 2008. I had learned in The Bradley Method class that you have 3 emotional signs you go through during labor. Excitement, Seriousness and Discouragement. I started labor with the third emotion. Discouragement. I was suddenly very nervous. There was no backing out now, the rushes were coming, getting more steady and stronger each time. I progressed pretty quickly, I think. By 10 am I was in hard labor, which lasted for a long time. I know where I made my mistake through all of this and that was I kept trying to somehow “run” away instead of embracing, welcoming and (you know, riding it like a wave) embracing each rush as one step closer to my baby’s arrival. My husband and mother were there as my support, rubbing my back, placing warm towels on my back, using their hands as compression on my lower back and hips, telling me “You Can” when I knew I couldn’t (although I also “knew” willingly transferring to the hospital was NOT an option).

I labored mostly in the birthing pool, which did provide relief because every time my midwife told me to get in some different positions out of the pool, the rushes were unbearable. I did have that awful back labor you hear so much about, and I screamed on every contraction until my throat was scratchy and everyone else’s ears were ringing. I must have been in the squatting position “spiraling” for 12 hours. (I labored a total of 17 hours). I kept yelling at my midwife, “Where are my endorphins?!? YOU said I would have endorphins!” All along falling asleep face first, head hanging in the birthing pool between each rush. My endorphins were definitely kicking in and working!

At one point, the rushes were so intense and I felt what I would call “aftershocks” between each rush, there was no relief. So, I decided it was time to push and be done. It was definitely premature and my cervix swelled slightly. At this point, it must have been around 5pm-ish and my midwife had me move into the bedroom. To relieve some back labor, she gave me 4 shots of sterile water in my tailbone to place pressure on the nerves. I should also mention that I ate and drank nothing (fasted) the whole time. My body wouldn’t even consider any form of nourishment and if I attempted to eat or drink, I quickly vomited. Actual pushing started around 6ish, though I don’t remember much of this part, I was so exhausted. All I really remember is lots of different positions, an oxygen mask and bearing down that seemed never ending – with no progress! Oh yea, and a very tired midwife.

Just when the thought of transferring was in the forefront, I found my strength and gave birth to my beautiful 6 lb 10 oz baby boy at home on my bed. The best part for me was being about to grab a hold of him as he was entering this world and place him upon my chest. After a few stitches and a little rest, I was ready to take a shower, eat and clean my room. I wasn’t allowed to clean my room (that’s what the midwife’s assistant is for) but it just shows the power of a woman’s body and how good you can feel after a natural birth.

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