Hidden Dangers in Baby Clothes

Looking through the free clothes basket at a local birth center, I picked up a cute little outfit for my new baby… it was nice and soft, 100% certified organic cotton, Made in the USA, clean. So I didn’t hesitate to take it home, but I am so glad I hesitated to put it on my baby!

Here it is: 

Adorable, right?

But I got a painful surprise when I handled the outfit. A manufacturing error caused the sharp spikes that are supposed to hold the snaps in place to come through the fabric and miss the snaps on one side – the inside – of the outfit. Not just on one snap, but two! And this item is from Green Babies, which sells this sort of romper for $35 and otherwise appears to be a great company with the “core mission to become the go-to brand for safe and environmentally sustainable baby care, wear and needs”. Just the sort of company I’d love to support. But mistakes happen.

It’s very difficult to see as the spikes are from the side of the snaps that are colored to match the fabric, and as this item is for a 6 month old, it’s not something the wearer can communicate to his or her parent! Except by crying…

I can only imagine that the parent who donated this item would not have done so if they knew this was there and could obviously hurt a baby. There are worse dangers out there, of course, than getting scratched up by an outfit. But this could no doubt cause pain to a baby, which the (tired) parents may not identify right away – especially if they are holding the baby and unknowingly pushing or rubbing the sharp spikes further into or along the baby’s leg! Imagine how badly the new parents might feel if they think their baby is inconsolable or even crying because they pick the baby up??

All this to say: please check your baby’s clothing very carefully – not just the first time, but after several washes too, and regardless of the brand, just to be sure. I’m so glad I did!




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