My Own 5 Favorite Posts of 2012

I shared with you my 10 most-viewed blog posts of 2012 but a few of my own favorites didn’t make the list, so I’m making this opportunity to share them with you again, in no particular order:

The Four Most Powerful Words. I wish I had said them. I know many women have their own story of regret. I hear them all the time. My hope is that by helping to educate, encourage and empower women to be more fully involved in their care, they won’t wish they had said these words. They instead will have a story of how they did say those words:      I do not consent.


I Almost Missed A Moment is one of my favorites because it’s an important reminder to myself about what matters most. My current goals include being more present for my children, inspired by, among others, Hands Free Mama. This is difficult for me; I’m a work in progress. This was my last post of 2012, shared in October, and to this day we still play this game sometimes.


Of course, this list would not be complete without a genital integrity post. While I considered a few, the ultimate winner was Reasons to Circumcise a Child, a post in which I share some of the “reasons” people have given me over the years about why they considered circumcising or chose to circumcise their child.



Can My Child Go To School If I Choose Not To Vaccinate? Vaccination is a hot topic, so I think this is a useful one. Many are under the mistaken impression that vaccination is mandatory for school or day care. This is not the case. Whatever you decide for your family, I just want people to know the facts about parental rights. A related post is a video of our Holistic Moms meeting on vaccines.


Finally, I chose this post about Birth Doulas. I think every woman deserves one! Multiple studies have found that a doula’s presence leads to more positive maternal assessments of the birth experience. That is so significant for both mom and baby. I had the amazing opportunity to serve as a birth doula for a number of women in 2012 and I’m already looking forward to more in 2013!



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